I am sure many of you have noticed by now that Rebecca stopped putting new product up on the site soon after reopening. I would like to take a brief moment of your time and explain.

Rebecca was so thrilled to get her site back up with a fresh look and new things. She was so happy to get back to creating the things that she loves. However, as many of you know, life often gets in the way of our best intentions. I am sorry to report that three days after opening her site back up, we were involved in a car accident. Rebecca was transported via ambulance to the hospital. As a result of the accident, she injured her spine and tore her right shoulder. This has left her unable to create new product for her site as she is in constant, horrific pain. Please pray for her during this difficult recovery

Rebecca is being treated and is beginning to see small improvements in her condition, but it is a slow, painful process. Please be assured, as she is able, she will again be putting new beautiful things up on the site. I will update this page when I have more news to share.

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Thank you so much for your interest in Rebecca's products and for your continued business.


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