Name: Cathy
Message: Can't wait to see you open again!

Name: Cathy
Message: Can't wait to see you open again!

Name: Carol Brannum
Message: Oh my, this has been one of the sweetest shopping experiences, ever. With MS. Alexey's birthday coming up in a couple of months..I managed to get her a few treasures she will cherish for sure!!
<br>I am speechless, this site is so impressive. Hugs from Good &#039;Ol Texas

Name: AMIE
Message: Looking forward to seeing your Christmas offerings!

Name: Deborah elliott
Message: BEAUTIFUL WORK! Lifts my heart just to see it!

Name: MinDea Perham
Message: Your Brother told me about your website and, he's right, you are an artist and very talented! I love your creations!!

Name: Judy Lincicum
Message: Hi Rebecca! I have been following you on Pinterest and FB, but have missed your posts on your blog. Just thought I would tell you that and wish you a blessed year with good surprises. How is the kitchen remodel turning out? Would love to see the results. Much Love and Many Hugs, Judy

Name: Raquel Sedano
Message: Happy and blessed New Year. Your website and your artistic creations are beautiful.

Name: Nancy Cason
Message: I finally received a special gift from your store from my kids. A huge surprise to me. Thank You for all of those beautiful creation.

Name: Colleen Patrick
Message: The custom pillow you made was absolutely beautiful. I knew the saying I wanted on the pillow and left everything else up to you. What you created was amazing. I will be buying from you again and again. Thanks Colleen Patrick

Name: JUDY
Message: Wish I could have one of everything your work is beautiful. do you have a shop in edmond? my daughter lives in ok city so I come out sometimes would love to visit your shop if you do.. I live in So CA

Name: Lori Rudrick
Message: I love your products!

Name: casandra vice
Message: I've rather enjoyed your website and the lovely lamp tutorial. I can't wait to see more beautiful creations. I'm keeping my eye open for things to buy from y'all. They are so beautifully made and well crafted. Thank you for creating such lovely vintage creations.

Name: Debbie
Message: Just so special!

Name: Marjorie Maas
Message: So happy to see you blogging again! I have missed you!!! Big HUGS!

Name: suzanne Jones
Message: I just love the items you have on your website! I hope I can get an email or notice on fb.
Thank you

Name: Sandra Novel
Message: I am in love with your beautiful Christmas stockings...will any be available soon for purchase?

Name: Carole Ann Colca
Message: I love your site, everything seems to be SOLD, do you remake things that are here? I know it says OOAK but similar works too. God bless you and your things are gorgeous.

Name: Carole Ann Colca
Message: I love your site, everything seems to be SOLD, do you remake things that are here? I know it says OOAK but similar works too. God bless you and your things are gorgeous.

Name: Kathi Bonney
Message: I have been looking for an Always Kiss Me Goodnight pillow that was not of the home style look. I came across Rebecca's website and contacted her with a special request for the pillow. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, the pillow arrived and was exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much.

Name: Kristina
Message: Hi, absolutely love all your items. Do you ship to Canada? Thank you, kindest regards, kris

Name: Sylvia Marie
Message: Praise the Lord another Sister in Christ. I'm so happy to have found your amazing site. I shall return.....

Name: Cindy Tuning
Message: So beautiful that I have to look away for a while so as to enjoy it all a little at a time. Heart swelling Beauty!!

Name: Fayette
Message: Absolutely beautiful items

Name: Cindy Tuning
Message: I have found heaven!!! Love your style. Just what I have been looking for.

Name: Mary Cardenas
Message: Beautiful work! I seen Ginger's gift on her FB so thought I would search your site.

Name: Tami Clutter
Message: When will you have more available ?

Name: Sonia Holowach
Message: Hi Rebecca,

I just wanted to inform you of my new e-mail address.

It is:

Thank-you and have a nice day!

Sonia Holowach.

Name: Patricia Barley
Message: Hello Rebecca,
It was by chance that I found your post about finding a poem from a magazine that you'd kept on the refrigerator for many years. I was so thrilled to realize you were referring to the poem I wrote for my two small children! It was "A Love Note to My Children" and was published in McCall' issue with Carol Burnett on the cover! I am so happy it was understood and appreciated by other moms.

Name: Ana Marie Jimenez
Message: I love all of the beautiful things you make, Do you have any carrying cases available, if not I have some. Do you have a tutorial to embellish them?

Name: Anita North
Message: Everything is so pretty. Love your work and would love to purchase some of your beautiful pillows. Please let me know when you have some of those pretty pillows in stock. Thanking you kindly for a response.

Name: Beverly Hearts
Message: YOU MADE MY HEART SMILE L@@King at things so LOVELY! THANK YOU 4 existing!!! and NOT being just a dream....

Name: annel
Message: hello, just came upon your blog on pinterest, thought I would check things out while I1m here, I have a small garden design business in Hbg. Pa Have a GRT8 Holiday Season! <3 Annel

Name: Nancy Lachle Grisham
Message: Good Morning sweet lady, it has been years since I have bought anything on ebay. Do you still paint? I am following you on Pinterest. Love the blog. huggles

Name: angela jones
Message: Luv stockings, beautiful work. Art!

Name: Anita north
Message: Dear Rebecca, I'm in love with your work! I am interested in purchasing some of your beautiful pillows. The one I really wanted is sold out. I'll go thru your selections and try to give info on the one's I like. Thanking you so much in advance, Sincerely, Anita North

Name: Raddi Warfield
Message: Meeting you has been the highlight of my week! I really enjoyed my time with you. I'm hoping we can get together and tell more stories and talk about all the stuff we both love.

My Very Best,


Name: Idali Arroyo
Message: I want to buy some items but it said thats sold out.

Name: Deborah Poteat
Message: Love your work and your sister Faith. Her shop is so pretty!

Name: Jane Ricks
Message: Such lovely things. I'd love to see them.

Name: Mariana Mill
Message: Well thank heavens.. there was one thing left that wasn't sold "a tattered rose" & I was able to purchase it. Wow, I'm happy.

Name: Marie Palmese
Message: Rebecca, you and the work you create are such an inspiration...and I loved reading about you..thank you for your blessings and the beauty you share!

Name: Linda Sloan
Message: love, love, love your beautiful creations

Name: Kerry Elliott
Message: Hey Becky, Yes, it's me. How are you and Steve doing? I love your website. You really have a lot of quality products. I am so proud of you. A friend of in here in Riverside has a woodshop and we are starting a wood working business. Eventually we would like to get our own website. I may need your help with that sooner than you think. Take care, give me a call, sometime. Love ya lots, Kerry

Name: Mimi
Message: Just Beautiful and of oourse interesting .

Name: Melissa Brown
Message: Hi, glad to find your website. I met you at Serendipity when I was there with my Lilly. I LOVE your wonderful booth and went there today when I needed a lift for my spirits. It always does the trick! Blessing, Melissa

Name: Lori Perrin
Message: I love your things! You have such a talent!!

Name: Barbara Hart
Message: You never cease to amaze me with your beautiful creations! Be blessed in all that you do!

Name: Suzann
Message: Rebecca,
I have visited your shop several times and eveything is so beautiful. But everything I like is marked "SOLD" I would love to purchase a pocket pillow when you restock if you could let me know.
Always LOVE to visit your blog
Suzann ~xoxo~

Name: Deborah Ott
Message: Lovely site! Enjoyed with a cup of tea..inspired!


Name: Chris Knutson
Message: You have french lace pillows but show as sold. I especially like the lace back one. Any more to offer?

Name: Cherie Alexander
Message: Love your site !!!

Name: Christy Knutson
Message: I absolutely am in love with the femininity of your aprons and stockings. I have not found out how to order or purchase. Let me know and have a blessed Christmas.

Name: debbie richard
Message: Beautiful !!!!!

Name: Rebecca Peterson
Message: I love so many of your beautiful creations. I haven't quite figured out how to order some of your items. I love the neutral Christmas stocking, is it available? Thank you!

Name: Susan
Message: Soooooo beautiful!

Name: Victoria
Message: I wrote to you back in 2006 and just now found you and am following you on Facebook! You are an amazingly talented woman! God Bless you!

Name: Linda Klingbyll
Message: Love your work!

Name: Dale Cangelosi
Message: Enjoying your site! Will write you later about you and I working toether

Message: very very nice beautiful tank you

Name: Rachael Burch
Message: Your things are beautiful!! :)

Name: barbara
Message: amazing

Name: Laurie Beaudette
Message: Rebecca,
I just LOVE your new booth! Best of luck in your newest endeavor!......I sure wish that Oklahoma wasn't soooooo far from the state of Massachusetts! What a bummer because I would LOVE to visit!!!

Name: Martha Fujita
Message: I loved seeing your Romantic Bed & bath.

Name: Treasia McGee
Message: I found your blog today through another blog that was talking about your apron giveaway. Anyway I didn't sign up but instead visited your stores. YOu have lovely merchandise and I posted serveral items to Pinterest. I will be back again.

Name: Laurie Beaudette
Message: I LOVE your new website,Rebecca!!!!

Name: the Miracle Mansion
Message: Such a beautiful site and a blessing,Carol

Name: Wanda from Victorian1885@blogs
Message: Your reopening is a hit! Beautiful job my friend.. i love the new look!

Name: Julie Marie
Message: Congratulations on your re~opening Rebecca!... everything is so exquisite and gorgeous... I want one of everything... xoxo Julie Marie

Name: Ellen
Message: Becca Sue, Please tell me you are going to have more white aprons! I wasn't fast enough to grab even one!

Waiting patiently for more. Ellen

Name: Marjorie Ann
Message: Sweet Rebecca, Everything looks so wonderful! Congratulations on your re~opening! Hugs to you, Marjorie Ann

Name: Marlei Moura
Message: Amei seu blog,lindo! Parabens.

Name: Elaine Woodford
Message: Discovered you tonite thru Pinterest. Beautiful website. One year ago tonite my 36 yr old daughter, Carrie, took her life; your music & testimony are a blessing to my heart. Thank you.

Name: Marjorie Ann
Message: Oh Rebecca that wire laundry basket is so beautiful! I love all the new whites and still love the pink roses. Looking forward to you opening up shop again. Love all you do! Hugs, Marjorie

Name: Cindy Click
Message: I found you on Pinterest and love your sachets. I live in Edmond, Ok also. Small world. I love to craft and embellish things, make cards and sew for granddaughters. If you have a moment, visit my blog and let me know you stopped by.

Name: Peggy
Message: When viewing your site everything is or has been sold.
Any chance you can update occasionally??

Name: Cathy Rowan
Message: Love everything you do. Can't wait to see what is to come. I love all things creams and whites.

Name: Beverly Wildman
Message: Love your items! Im about to purchase 2 of them. Wish so many items were not sold out as I just discovered your website, Thank You Beverly Wildman

Name: Shelly
Message: Just a quick hello from Oz and would like to say your products are gorgeous also love the links. Cheers, Shelly

Name: Diana Thompson
Message: Thank you for the inspiration by art, words, and spirit!

Name: Linda Miller
Message: Rebecca, I absolutely love my rose jar with spoon. I put my Calgon bath "pearls" in it and scoop them in my tub when I feel like I need a long, relaxing bath. Thanks - you are so talented.

Name: Larain
Message: Love this site, when do you expect to have more stock of pillows? You are very talented & I will be sure to bookmark your site. I am a follower of The Polka Dot Closet where I got your name.

Name: Norma Wolkowski
Message: Browsing has it's rewards for it has sent me to your beautiful, romantic and delicate Place. How exquisite it is ... like going 'back in time.'

Name: Pam Shipman
Message: I love ALL of what I've seen of your work.I sent this site to my husband with hopes of him knowing where to go to get my gift in the future.

Name: Chris Baker
Message: I was very disappointed to see that there was actually very little to purchase here. Just about everythhing is advertised "SOLD". :(

Name: Candy Atkins
Message: One of my favorite places to visit !!

Name: Lois Mathis
Message: I just found your website today and it is like a little piece of Heaven. The music is lovely and all your things are wonderful. Registered for the train case. Love it so much. Thank you. Lois

Name: Laurie Golnick
Message: Fun Website.

Name: Betty
Message: Masterful Rebecca! Masterful!

Name: Barb
Message: Rebecca, My order came today and I am very please with all the things I purchased from your website. The cupcake notecards are beautiful and the pillow is better in person. Once again I'm very pleased. I'll be back to purchase more soon. No wonder everything is sold. Will you be making more Xmas stockings? A very happy customer, Barb

Name: mary mcauliffe
Message: just found your web site, love your items, but everything is sold out. will return

Name: Nola
Message: Rebecca, I got my tea package today, Love them, and will be getting a few Christmas cards soon.I just love your work. Get busy girl and make more stuff, so we can buy, Ha

Name: Deanne
Message: I love this site and just looking at all the fabulous things with wishful longing make long for spring with the scent of roses in the air.

Name: Karen Puckhaber
Message: just beautiful, Rebecca!

Name: Becky
Message: Gorgeous things,I could stay here for a day looking Rebecca.Lots of things are sold,Im not surprised.God Bless!

Message: Your site and your products are beautiful! I love all the eye candy!

Name: lopezbutt99
Message: You had a nice stuff,perfume was awesome.I love this place

Name: Kimberly Edwards
Message: I really love your work. I cut and decorate real eggs and quilt. I do and love lots of other hobbies and crafts but,I need to narrow it down sometimes. Please consider me for your drawing. Thank You & God Bless.

Name: JoAnn Brewer
Message: Simply Elegant!

Name: Nancy Armstrong
Message: Your work is masterful! Love your color palette,my favorite too. Please add me to your Gathering Cases Wish List! Warmest Regardsplaying

Name: Lori Pritchard Buchanan
Message: I love everything Rebecca does! So talented! My home is complete with her items.

Name: Mona Duffy-Ingalls
Message: Things so sweet as to be indescribable! Precious!

Name: Darla
Message: I'm never fast enough to buy your beautiful work. I always see new things but I'm never the lucky one to snag any of them before someone else scoops them up! Poo! Darla

Name: Denise
Message: Rebecca, I found your website quite by accident when I typed in "vintage pillows". I recently transformed my son's bedroom into a vintage style guest room. I thought it came out spectacular. I even made my own throw pillows for the bed, however, I was flabergasted when I saw how gorgeous your creations are. You are truly a master at creating beauty from simplicity. A few yards of lace and pretty fabric, along with some silk flowers. Your talents have inspired me to achieve a high

Name: Heather
Message: Rebecca--

Your work beats all I've ever seen. I LOVE YOUR STUFF! Thank you for making the special perfume bottle for me. Love, Heather

Name: Daphne
Message: Rebecca, You inspire me with your creations. I've seen a lot out there and nothing compares to your work. I've noticed some of your paper goods have been copied. Don't worry hon, they aren't as good! Good luck in your business. I love reading about your faith. It helps me. Daphne

Name: ~CC Catherine
Message: Rebecca, sorry, me again. NOOOOOOO, Now my favorite are the Gathering Cases... They are SO stunning!

Name: ~CC Catherine
Message: Rebecca, sorry, me again. NOOOOOOO, Now my favorite are the Gathering Cases... They are SO stunning!

Name: ~CC Catherine
Message: Hi Rebecca, checking out your Creative Corner here on the Website - Very beautiful and so professional. Your pillows and the baby shoe pincushions are my absolute favorites! :)

Name: Sharon Free
Message: Thank you ..... for making this world a more beautiful place.God Bless you.

Name: Brenda Williams
Message: Love your wonderful site! Even though everytime I visit...the items that I like are out of stock. I still get ideas from your pictures.

Name: katie
Message: such lovely things

Name: Amy Rocha
Message: Rebbeca, What a creative gal you are! You are a creating FOOL! I've never seen lovlier things. No wonder everything is SOLD! Tell me more is coming and soon!

Name: Chris DeLooze
Message: New site I stumbled upon...beautiful items.Everything I liked was sold :(

Message: just looking

Name: Pam Bowers
Message: Exquisite!

Name: Leslie Beth Mason
Message: Please email me your new phone number. I have tried to call you many times. I hope all is well and will look forward to hearing from you...LBM

Name: Teri McFarlan
Message: I absolutely love your creations! They are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your talent!

Name: caren
Message: very beautiful items.

Name: Pathma Iswaran
Message: Dear Rebecca.....Greetings from Malaysia, ijust had to say that all of your things are so lovely and i really falt in love with them, all your works are very...very beautiful.
Best wishes and have a nice weekend with your lovely family.
Pathma Iswaran.

Name: Melinda
Message: Rebeccah, Your site is beautiful. You have set the pace for new ideas and trends and have raised the mark beyond what most of us can reach. Creativity just runs through your veins. Incredible work. Hope to see more soon.

Name: Christine Sjoden
Message: There is extremely beautiful things on this website but most of them are sold. Will you restock?

Name: karen zardin
Message: Your website is wonderful. You have such talent. I will be back soon to visit. And hopefully make an order.

Name: Linda Lawson
Message: I can not express enough how much I enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful thoughts. Your work is beautiful. You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. I enjoy ending my day with your thoughts. Linda

Name: francisca machado
Message: Parabens lindo site de muito bom gosto e muita criatividade...sucesso

Name: Jude Young
Message: Just love your work, and your faith in God.

Name: Pam
Message: Hi Rebecca,
One of the ways I like to relax is browing your website and others similar to it. I love all your pillows and espiecially those created using creamy ivory tones and cottage whites. There's something so calming about those muted colors. Enjoyable every time I visit!
Blessings and Huggs,

Name: christine lung
Message: looking for white ruffled duvet or bedspread

Name: dee bacchetti
Message: love it all!!!!!

Name: melissa
Message: Love your store, Rebecca! Those pillows get snatched right up as soon as you make them! Love to you - melissa

Name: Christine Sjoden
Message: Such a lovely website!

Name: Pam
Message: Rebecca,
I always enjoy your website and looking at pictures of you home projects. You are a very talented lady indeed! Only one question - how much time do you have to spend dusting all those lovely pretties in your home? :) Blessings dear Rebecca. Thanks for sharing with us.

Name: Cathy
Message: Have always loved you work and have even been lucky enough to win a few on Ebay. Love reading your blog. Thanks for making my days a little brighter.
Love and prayers,

Name: maggie Ferlito
Message: Love you site!

Name: Martica
Message: Thank you so much for your nice comment in my blog. You are so sweet.

Name: Teresa Hockett
Message: love your items. nice to browse on a cold winter night with a cup of hot chocolate.

Name: Melinda Bailey
Message: Hello Rebecca, I've tried several times to contact you without any luck, in cleaning my craft room I ran across something I would like to send you if you'll send your address. I probably wouldn't be able to get it into the mail until after visiting my grands in Tx. Enjoy your blogs very much,

Name: sara abate
Website: http://le tenerezze di sara

Name: Jacqueline
Message: I've been admiring your art for years. I love it when women find success doing what they love. You have my best wishes. :-)

Name: Marjorie Ann
Message: Dear Rebecca,
Love my Rose Wreath Angel Pillow and Christmas Ornaments! All are so beautiful!

Big Hugs to You,
Marjorie Ann

Name: Pam
Message: Hi Rebecca,

Just browsing your site again. So lovely. Have a blessed Christmas!


Name: Nina
Message: I love everything in your shop!

Name: Becky Wierzbicki
Message: Your website it just beautiful..what a pleasure looking through it..perhaps we could exchange banners if you would like. Sincerely, Becky

Name: Donna
Message: just wanted to say I think you have one of the nicest site that i have seen. Just beautiful and peaceful looking

Name: Alison
Message: Rebecca! What a gorgeous little shoppe you have! I love, love, love it! I'm so proud of you! I'll be visiting often!

Name: Angela
Message: I enjoyed your site. Thankyou

Name: Ann Simmons
Message: Wow, I waited and waited for this website! So glad to see you are up and's fabulous!!

Name: Marjorie
Message: *LOVE***LOVE***LOVE***The Santa Ornaments!!!
Big Hugs,

Name: Amy Backus
Message: Dear Miss Rebecca~~ U amaze me sweetheart. I luv your shop and your creativity leaves me speechless. I want to see more goodies so get going girlfriend! Thank U for the special order Christmas Stocking. I luv it and I know my daughter will luv it too. You R the best. I'll be back soon. Amy Backus

Name: Donnie
Message: Such a beautiful shop.

Name: kay stubblefield
Message: Love your work Rebecca, you are truly a amazing person

Name: Marjorie Ann
Message: LOVE * LOVE * LOVE My Pumpkin Girl & Harvest Pillows! Also, Your Cards are BEAUTIFUL! I plan to frame mine! Congratulations on your new add in the November 2010 issue of Romantic Homes.

Name: sara abate
Message: ciao sono sara ti scrivo dall'Italia,volevo esprimerti tutta la mia ammirazione, facciamo quasi lo stesso lavoro ma adesso che ho visto il tuo sito mi sento piccola piccolama mi sento stimolata a fare sempre meglio.Mi piacerebbe se dessi uno sguardo al mio sito e avere un tuo giudizio.tanti ammiratissimi saluti da sara abate

Name: Renee
Message: Anyway, just wanted to thank you. Keep up the creative work. You truly are an artist! You would make Frances Brundage, Ellen Clapsaddle, Maud Humphrey and Catherine Klein proud.

Blessings from your friend in Missouri,

Name: Renee
Message: Hi Rebecca-

I received my Hang Tags and Note Cards yesterday and they are just beautiful! I had plans to use them on gifts for special friends and family members but I may find it difficult to part with them! One of my good friends was visiting when I got them and when I showed them to her she wanted your website info because she wants to order some as gifts. I brought up your website and showed her the new corset note cards, as well. Let me tell you, she was impressed! Anyway, tha

Name: Lola
Message: Love ALL your work, would love to be on your mailing list.


Name: susan walker
Message: Just letting you know I checked the site out! I love the back ground of your page, it's so vintage and pretty! Thanks

Message: love your site

Name: Becky
Message: Lovely things Rebecca!

Name: Carlene Wright
Message: Hi friend, I love your website and your beautiful story. I can't wait to spend time looking at everything!!!

Name: Carolee
Message: Waiting for your Christmas pretties!

Name: Judy
Message: I check in daily to your wonderful site and I can feel your soft beautiful spirit of encouragment, love and creativness. Thanks for sharing Rebecca. Go Pink!!!

Name: Karen Burke
Message: Love your beautiful roses!

Name: Jacoba
Message: Dear Rebecca,
Your website is very inspiring, I enjoyed very much browsing through the various items. So creative and inviting. Also it makes me wanting to get my materials and sewing machine out and start stitching. But the sun shines, so we will enjoy these last summer days on the boat. Lots of success with your business, I will show it to my friends overhere.
Have a happy day, Jacoba

Name: Rhonda
Message: I have thoroughly enjoying browsing through your lovely site-made me want to start making sachets, cushions and cards again!

Name: Geree Strawn
Message: Becca, Your work is incredible. I love my Victorian girl pillow and hope you'll make more similar pillows soon. When will your xmas items will be available? Are you making stockings again this year? Do you have a newsletter?

Waiting for more!!!!!!

Thank you.

Your happy customer, Geree

Name: Mary John da Silva
Message: Greetings from Canada... I love your site and your pillows made with images from the past, lovely, thank you, it's a pleasure to behold.

Name: Linda
Message: Rebecca,

Thank you for the Christmas stockings I purchased from you during your Christmas in July sale. They are the BEST I've ever seen. I love your work and the beautiful things you create. You are an inspiration and I try to visit your blog and website every day.

Name: Kim Beldowski
Message: You have such beautiful items.

Name: Sandy
Message: Hi Rebecca:

I stumbled onto your lovely blog and was refreshed by all your beautiful things which I'm sure reflect yur sweetness. Do yu by chance have a newsletter that I can sign up for. I didn't see one or maybe I missed it as I ws captured by all your pretty and lovely things.

God Bless You,

Name: Judy Steele
Message: I visit often, for inspiration. Thank you for sharing your beautiful site

Name: Arlyne Swain
Message: A beautiful site.

Name: Pam
Message: love your work!

Name: Carol "B"
Message: My sweet, pink Baby shoe/pincushion arrived the other day. This is just so BEAUTIFUL. What a great, new & fresh concept. Your hands are really Blessed when it comes to creating unique items. Will be back for more Sachet Hangers as the Holidays approach.

Name: Marjorie Ann
Message: Dear Rebecca, I held my breath as I read your blog today. I am sad for you for closing your shop but I am SO GLAD you are keeping your blog & website! I read it everyday. You are an inspiration and a blessing! Hugs to you Dear Friend! Marjorie

Name: Lynn
Message: I love reading your blog, and I'm a big fan of lace, ribbons, vintage, roses hearts and any thing Victorian! I've been one of your followers for quite a long time now! I would love to come and visit your store sometime! I live near Moore, Oklahoma.. and where you're from isn't all that far from here. One of these days I'll surprise you with a visit!


Name: Kay from Sycamore
Message: Rebecca, Thank you for sharing your many talents with everyone. Our home is graced with many of your beautiful things! I'd like to buy them all!!

Message: I love your work!

Name: Gloria
Message: Greetings! I just had to say that all of your things are SO lovely. I saw what Kim won from your give-away and the pillow and container were gorgeous. You are gifted! I look forward to making a purchase soon.
Best regards,

Name: Mrs. Jeri Balmes
Website: http://None
Message: The precious note cards arrived today. Thanks a million. I can't wait to use them.
Blessings, Jeri, Sun City, AZ

Name: Astonishing - Jeannette
Message: Just wanted to let you know I love your shop and blog.

Name: Lou
Message: Hi Rebecca,
Thank you soooooo soooo much for my beautiful bunny and tussie.. they arrived today.. the packaging was wonderful!!! I love them to bits!! Your work is just stunning!! Even hubby loves Mrs Bunny.... :) I hadn't confesssed my purchase till she arrived... ooops... :) Maybe we will have to get her a friend??? :) The Tussie is just soo special!! Will definitely be back to shop soon! Love and Blessings, Lou xxx

Name: Mary B.
Message: I love your work! You have a wonderful gift of taking various elements and creating beauty. God bless your blog and your shop. Mary B.

Name: Hedy Ferreira
Message: Hello from South Africa - your work is beautiful
God bless, Hedy

Name: georgia
Message: what a lovely inspiring place to shop and dream

Name: Pauline
Message: Love your web site and all your pretties

Name: lea helmerich
Message: blessings on your lovely shoppe!

Name: Judy Steele
Message: Thank You for sharing beauty in so many ways.

Name: Tamera Edelman
Message: Your work is amazing. So lovely. I am happy I found you. :0)

Name: Kathleen Flavin
Message: Rebecca, Your new web site is truly fantastic! It's so lovely . . . just like you! Warm regards, Kathy

Name: June
Message: it's all just beautiful Rebecca!

Name: Mary
Message: What a wonderful revamp on your little store!! I am so impressed and would love to order 1 of each item please!!! I wish! Well I can dream can't I???


Name: Janet
Message: Yay! So happy to see your beautiful site and work sweet Rebecca. Best of luck always....xo~ Janet

Name: Jeannie Baumeister
Message: your shop is lovely!!

Name: Terri Smith
Message: Oh Sweet Rebecca..this is my first visit and I'm so happy to be here! I'm just over-joyed that you're up and running with this gorgeous new site. So many beautiful pretties till I don't know where to begin. May God richly bless you in every step that you take within this newest endeavor! Love and Friendship, Terri Smith

Name: Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic
Message: OMG...I am so happy to see your website filled with lovely creations! Welcome back ;-)

Name: Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine
Message: Dear Rebecca,

Oh my goodness! Your creations are absolutely romantic! I am so happy I found you in blogland! May God bless you with your creations!

Hugs, Carolyn

Name: Marydon Ford
Message: Oh, sweet Rebecca ~ Your website is beyond the moon in beauty & exquisite creations. Congratulations on your reopening, sweet friend.
Hugs, Marydon

Name: Marjorie Ann
Message: WELCOME HOME! So happy to see A Gathering Place opened again! We have missed your pretties! Love A Gathering Place and your Blog. Thank you for all the work and love you put into your site. You are such a Blessing! Hugs, Marjorie


Name: Linda Mitchell
Message: Didn't know you had an online store! Now that I do I'll be sure to check it out for gift ideas. Interesting that I too craft - I sew (am trying more art quilts, even small scale), make painted boxes, make jewelry, homemade greeting cards, crochet, and lots of other things. HH raised a lot of good artists!

Name: Teri Wanger
Message: Wow! Loved all your stuff! Very pretty!

Name: Michele
Message: I'm so glad you're back - I've missed you sew sew much!!!!
Your shop is over the top GORGEOUS!!!!

Name: Iley
Message: Great job Rebecca.You have truely out done yourself once again.
Keep it going so we can see all the lovely creations.

Name: Faith Bybee
Message: Congratulations on your re-opening! You are so talented! Love you, Lin

Name: Barbara Elliott
Message: Love you shop! Long time coming. It's Beautiful. Best of Luck. God Bless.
Hugs-- Mom

Name: Deborah
Message: Dear Rebecca,

Best Wishes. A very nice website; and, as always, you have so many beautiful items. I adore your work. I do have an item I would like to suggest to you; I'll follow up with that later.

Enjoy and have a wonderful journey.



Name: Sandy Hathorn Pape
Message: Becky,
What an amazing and beautiful site. I love it. I have bookmarked it in my favorites folder and am certain my family will get my wish list from your amazing creations in the very near future. God Bless you.

Name: Spencer
Message: Ahhh....Bless your heart sweet Rebecca. Wishing you great success with your "shop"...


Name: Louise
Message: Hi Rebecca,
Congratulations on your gorgeous website! I have been soo looking forward to your opening! Absolutely delighted that I was able to purchase one of your beautiful Easter Bunnies... Your work is so inspiring and I hope this will be the first of many of your stunning works of art in my home.
Love Lou xx

Name: Celestina Marie Designs
Message: Dear Rebecca, Congratulations on the reopening of your gorgeous shoppe. All your pretties are beautiful and I wish you all best wishes and continued success! God Bless Always, Love, Celeste

Name: Mary Hysell
Message: Hi Rebecca: The website came out beautiful and everything looks so lovely. Congratulations on all your hard work. Love & Hugs to you dear friend....Mary H

Name: Char
Message: Hello Rebecca, I wish you all the success on your new website. This is indeed lovely and you have given us all some great eye candy. I know that you will do very well my friend, Char

Name: Dorothy
Message: Hi Rebecca, Congratulations! Fantastic job on the website. Your work is beautiful. I believe this labor of love will prove more successful than anything you could think or imagine.

Love those nav tabs!! is well deserved.

Name: April Tummins
Message: Congratulations on your new site! It looks great & I hope that you have many years of success with it!

Name: Pat Reeves
Message: Rebecca I am so proud of you! I have been anxiously waiting for your website so that I can marvel at all your creative talents. You never cease to amaze
me. I always told you that you were my favorite :) I read your blog everyday
for inspriration.
God Bless you!

Name: Sheryl
Message: Beautiful, as I knew it would be. Congratulations and the very best of luck to you.

Name: Karen Reader
Message: Gorgeous! Everything is Beautiful. Couldn't wait - But it was worth it!

Name: Mary Molina
Message: Rebecca, this is just absolutely STUNNING! This is a one-of-a-kind website. Sure was WORTH THE WAIT!! Congratlulations!!! An admirer of your beautiful work,


Name: Debie
Message: Congratulations on the opening of your website, it's absolutely beautiful, as are all of your items. I wish you much success!


Name: Mary Ann Miller
Message: Congratulations Rebecca on your beautiful website. I wish you much success.

Name: Roselle
Message: Just gorgeous!! Congrats and best wishes for a successful future.

Name: Cherished Treasures By Carol
Message: Dear Sweet Rebecca, Just GORGEOUS !!! I wish you all the best in all that you endeavor to do. You bring joy to all who have the pleasure of knowing you. Thank you for sharing your many gifts with us. Blessings to you and yours, Carol

Name: Carol Brannum
Message: Oh my, this has been one of the sweetest shopping experiences, ever. With MS. Alexey's birthday coming up in a couple of months..I managed to get her a few treasures she will cherish for sure!!

I am speechless, this site is so impressive. Hugs from Good 'Ol Texas

Name: Victorian1885
Message: LoVeLy.. Great job Rebecca! Everything is so Romantic and so well done!
Take care..


Name: Ginger
Message: Congratulations, it's just beautiful!!

Name: Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses
Message: Congratulations on the re-reopening of your website!! How fabulous!! Wishing you much success my friend! Warmest always, Brenda

P.S. So happy I finally got a Miss Rosy Cheeks notecard :)

Name: Adrienne
Message: YOUR SITE ROCKS! You are the best of the BEST! xoxoxo

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